Love Intersectionality Sticker Sheet

Love Intersectionality Sticker Sheet

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Vegan Girl Gang wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day season by promoting love and intersectionality for both human and animal liberation aka Total Liberation and intersectionality!

Introducing the “Love Intersectionality” Sticker Sheet! 💕🌱

This is VGG’s first Sticker Sheet launch!

This 4x6, waterproof sticker sheet includes a variety of different topics such as:

- promoting LGBTQIA+ love

- our love for animals

- solidarity with Black Lives Matter

- and love for…well…French fries, our vegan savior “dish” whenever we’re out to dinner with our non-vegan friends!

- while still sticking with our love for the PPGs by showcasing their signature pink, blue and green colors for our sticker sheet background!

This is a perfect and affordable Valentines Day gift for your loved ones, friends, family or yourself! Take advantage of our gift wrapping option at checkout!

Remember to take care of yourself this season! You don’t need anyone to make you happy! A partner does not define your happiness, you do! 💕💜