Nostalgic Munchie Box
Nostalgic Munchie Box
Nostalgic Munchie Box
Nostalgic Munchie Box

Nostalgic Munchie Box

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Introducing the Nostalgic Munchie Box! 

this box is for binge watching true crime at 2 am, crying alone in your room over someone who never deserved you or mindlessly eating treats on 4/20!

The Nostalogic Munchie Box Includes:

  • 3 VGG Stickers
  • Suprise Mini Bratz OR Tamagotchi
  • "PowerPUFF Pipe" OR one Lisa Frank inspired "Frankly-Let's Get Lit" Lighter
  • Toy Box Drawing Board Keychain (surprise color)
  • A Candy bag
  • Nostagic Sticker Pack (Mean Girls, Hello Kitty, Bratz, Lisa Frank, etc)
  • Cookie Bag (oreos or nutter butters)


What is a "Mini Bratz?"

A "Mini Bratz" is a smaller version of a regular bratz doll. It comes in surprise packaging. The series contains iconic mini bratz dolls from the early 2000s including "Rock Angels" and "Sleepover Bratz."

Can I pick which 3 VGG stickers I receive?

Yes! Leave a note at checkout detailing which VGG stickers you would like in your order or you will receive a surprise sticker pack! If you are not vegan and would like non-vegan related stickers, leave a note at checkout letting us know!

Will I receive my munchie box before 4/20?

Our goal is to ship out all munchie boxes by 4/17. Depending on your order date and location, you should receive your box before 4/20.

Do any treats contain THC or CBD?

No. None of our treat bags contain THC or CBD. These boxes are meant to be enjoyed with your own supply ;)! 

Do you have a gift option?

Yes! You can select the "Gift Wrap" option at checkout. Please let us know the name of the person you are purchasing the gift for and their preferred pronouns. You can leave detailed information using the "order notes" section at checkout. 

If I have more questions, how do I get in touch?

You can email VGG at (preferred method) or reach out to us on social media at @vegangirlgangco.